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CARMINE Solid Shampoo regenerates and gives shine 80 gr STEPY

Shampoo designed to soften and soothe your scalp, while shining your hair.

DAMASCO Solid Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair 80gr STEPY

Castor, soy, shea, lavender, calendula, equal to out dryness!

LEMON WILD Solid Shampoo for Oily Hair 80gr STEPY

Protect your hair and nourish it.

MOJITO Solid Shampoo Strengthens and Revitalizes 80 gr Stepy

It regenerates the cells of your scalp.

Oblepikha Oil Complex for Damaged Hair 50 ML Natura Siberica

This hair complex of oils is specially formulated to repair and provide softness to hair damaged by dyes or chemical treatments.

Citro 50gr stepy solid conditioner

Helps hydrate & repair hair with a fresh, citrusy conditioner


Is your hair greasy, dull, greasy at the roots, and looking lifeless? Does it get dirty easily? In this case, the solution is to balance the scalp's oil secretion. Rosemary Balancing Lotion for Oily Scalp is the ideal solution to prolong that feeling of clean hair for several days and to balance...