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Eucalyptus Honey 500GR Diego Honey

It is useful for people with respiratory problems and/or diseases.

Thyme Honey 500GR

It is a very good ally to fight colds, heavy breasts, bronchitis, flu and acute cough.

Lavender Honey 500GR

Thanks to its disinfectant action on the mucous membranes, it exerts symptomatic relief in congestion and coughing.

Rosemary honey 500gr

Beneficial against liver diseases, epilepsy, rheumatism, gout, cirrhosis, weakness, vertigo...

Eco Honey Ginger Candies 80gr

To relieve respiratory conditions such as coughs and colds.

Eco Honey Propolis Candies 80gr

These candies will help you thanks to their analgesic, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect on your throat.

Eco Honey Lemon Candies 80gr

They are perfect for softening the throat.