Nervous system

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ST. WORT 300mg dietmed

St. John's wort is traditionally used in situations of depression, thanks to its richness in hypericin.

Valerian 500 mg Dietmed

Plant traditionally used in case of anxiety (calming)


El 5-HTP contribuye a mantener un normal sistema nervioso.

Magnesio con Vitamina B6 - 100 comprimidos solgar

Por su contenido en vitamina B6, que contribuye al equilibrio hormonal, esta fórmula es ampliamente recomendada. La combinación de magnesio y B6 aporta distintos beneficios para el bienestar general de todas las personas.

Ashwagandha 30 capsules Novadiet

Root known as Indian Ginseng.


Passionflower extract is made with only natural ingredients to promote good rest.

Nutrikings Calm (KIDS) 150ML DIETMED

Nutrikings Calm by Dietmed is a food supplement with passion fruit, orange and melatonin, indicated to help children fall asleep.

Magnesium carbonate jar 150gr SORIA NATURAL

Magnesium Carbonate from Soria Natural is indicated for constipation, especially of the atonic type, and especially in the elderly and that resulting from the ingestion of food that leaves little waste in the intestine (hyperprotein diet).

Maca 60 capsules of 2500mg vitobest

They promote endurance and help us increase sexual potency.


Mepausol from Novadiet is indicated for women in the climacteric stage (pre and postmenopause). It decreases and helps to avoid the signs and symptoms of this period of a woman's life.

Melatovit Liposomal 1 mg 30ML Marnys

Melatovit Liposomal 1 mg by Marnys is a food supplement that promotes a reduction in the time to induce sleep and the relief of the subjective sensation of jet lag.

Bacidofilus Symbio mental 30 DIETMED CAPSULES

Bacidofilus Symbio mental by Dietmed is a food supplement based on 5 strains of lactic ferments (Mix 5 Psi), with psychobiotic function, i.e. probiotics with an effect on the nervous system, in addition to FOS, Rhodiola, B vitamins and Zinc, which helps to promote the normal functioning of the...