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Depurlax 15 tablets. Dietmed

Laxative and intestinal cleansing action.

Milk thistle 500mg. 90 tablets Dietmed

Its seeds, rich in silymarin, as well as the leaves and root contain elements that benefit liver function.


It acts against impurities both internally and externally.

Magnesium carbonate jar 150gr SORIA NATURAL

Magnesium Carbonate from Soria Natural is indicated for constipation, especially of the atonic type, and especially in the elderly and that resulting from the ingestion of food that leaves little waste in the intestine (hyperprotein diet).

Vomistop 15 DietMed Capsules

Vomistop by Dietmed is a food supplement that helps in moments of motion sickness. Contains ginger and lemon balm.

Nutrikings Lax (KIDS) 150ML DIETMED

Food supplement based on Reineta Apple, Plum and a touch of rhubarb, a plant with recognized digestive properties, which can be useful in case of constipation and belly prison. Suitable for babies and children.

Organic Aloe Verum (Aloe Vera Juice) 1l plameca

Organic Aloe Vera by Plameca Supplements made from plants harvested in exclusive Aloe crops. Handmade, exclusively from the internal gel of fresh leaf.

Immune Bacidophilus symbio 30 DIETMED CAPSULES

The product Bacidofilus Symbio has in its composition a set of 15 strains of lactic ferments, these being essential for a correct intestinal colonization and to ensure a correct intestinal microbiota.

Bacidofilus Symbio mental 30 DIETMED CAPSULES

Bacidofilus Symbio mental by Dietmed is a food supplement based on 5 strains of lactic ferments (Mix 5 Psi), with psychobiotic function, i.e. probiotics with an effect on the nervous system, in addition to FOS, Rhodiola, B vitamins and Zinc, which helps to promote the normal functioning of the...


Bacidofilus Flora from DietMed is a food supplement with the ability to rehydrate and strengthen the body's natural defenses, rebalance the intestinal flora, replenish mineral salts, being suitable for the whole family.