Dietetics and Nutrition

At Herbolario Miel de Mar you will find the best natural supplements of all kinds, you will find collagen, vitamins, vitamin complexes and many others.

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Drenalight Hydra 600 ml DietMed

Drenalight Hydra contribuye a depurar el hígado y favorece la eliminación de líquidos retenidos.

ST. WORT 300mg dietmed

St. John's wort is traditionally used in situations of depression, thanks to its richness in hypericin.

Valerian 500 mg Dietmed

Plant traditionally used in case of anxiety (calming)


El 5-HTP contribuye a mantener un normal sistema nervioso.

Venactiv plus 30 capsules Dietmed

Indicated in case of tired and heavy legs.

Venoplan Forte 30 ZENTRUM TABLETS

Venoplan Forte helps to maintain normal blood circulation and helps to avoid the feeling of tired and heavy legs.


Cholesterol Forte from Zentrum is a food supplement indicated to help control high levels of cholesterol in the blood, while promoting proper cardiovascular and muscular performance.

Depurlax 15 tablets. Dietmed

Laxative and intestinal cleansing action.

HepaDetox (Rábano Negro + Alcachofa + Colina) 10 ampollas zentrum

Estas especies vegetales, ayudan a tener un sistema digestivo mucho más saludable, la alcachofa contribuye a desintoxicar el hígado, mientras que el rábano negro ayuda al funcionamiento correcto de nuestra vesícula biliar e hígado

Milk thistle 500mg. 90 tablets Dietmed

Its seeds, rich in silymarin, as well as the leaves and root contain elements that benefit liver function.

Echinacea 500mg. 45 capsules Dietmed

Indicated in situations of flu and colds.

Llantediet respir 250 ml. novadiet

Llantediet by Novadiet is a natural supplement based on plantain and other balsamic plants to protect and care for the respiratory tract. The entire respiratory system receives great benefits with the use of medicinal plants, since their action is not only limited to neutralizing a problem, but...