Immune system

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Echinacea 500mg. 45 capsules Dietmed

Indicated in situations of flu and colds.


It helps the proper functioning of the immune system.

30-S PROPOLIS PROPOLIS natural soria

It helps the defenses and the respiratory tract.

Alequer (allergies) 60 capsules novadiet

Supplement that helps prevent the onset of symptoms in allergic processes

Urimed rose 30 capsules dietmed

Food supplement for the prevention and care of women against urinary infections and discomfort.

Propolvit Defens 20 VIALS + FREE VITAMIN C 20 marnys vials

GET FREE VITAMIN C!! Propolvit Defens by Marnys is a food supplement to face seasonal changes that combines vitamin B6, Royal Jelly, Propolis, Colostrum, Reishi and Shiitake, in convenient drinkable vials.

Llantediet respir 250 ml. novadiet

Llantediet by Novadiet is a natural supplement based on plantain and other balsamic plants to protect and care for the respiratory tract. The entire respiratory system receives great benefits with the use of medicinal plants, since their action is not only limited to neutralizing a problem, but...


Turmeric helps the normal functioning of joints and bones.

Immune Bacidophilus symbio 30 DIETMED CAPSULES

The product Bacidofilus Symbio has in its composition a set of 15 strains of lactic ferments, these being essential for a correct intestinal colonization and to ensure a correct intestinal microbiota.