Holy Mother

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Herbal Love Bomb X 4 Holy Mother

Herbal Love Bomb X 4 Holy Mother. Handmade with lots of love.

Activated Smudging Bomb 7 Herbs - Copal X 4 Sagrada Madre

Activated Smoke Bomb 7 Herbs and Copal X 4 Sagrada Madre. Natural herbal defuming balls handmade with a lot of love.

Pathfinder Activated Smoke Bulb X 4 Holy Mother

Composition: frankincense (frankincense) • myrrh • palo santo • rosemary • rue.

Activated Smoke Bulb Attract Money x 4 Holy Mother

MoneyAttract Activated Smoke Bomb X 4 Holy Mother. Natural herbal defuming balls handmade with a lot of love.

Unlocking X 4 Sagrada Madre Activated Smoke Bulb

Composition: benzoin • musk • frankincense • myrrh • rosemary • rue

Activated Smoke Bomb Energy Cleanse X 4 Sagrada Madre

Composition: lavender • frankincense (frankincense) • myrrh • rosemary • rue

Incense 5 Elements: Water, Rebirth, Sacred Mother

The pure aroma of frankincense together with the freshness of lemongrass invite you to flow in the waters of inclusion and acceptance.

Incense 5 Elements Air Joy Sacred Mother

The sweet and fresh fragrance of the Tree of Paradise, originally from the Himalayas but very prominent in South America, soothes the thoughts and releases the spirit.

Incense 5 Ether Elements Sacred Clarity Mother

The transformative scent of incense enveloped in the enthralling fragrance of the queen of the night, provides the clarity to live the wonder of the present moment.

Incense 5 Elements Fire Sacred Force Mother

The exciting fragrance of dragon's blood ignites your strength and gives you protection.

Incense 5 Elements Earth Harmony Sacred Mother

The warm scent of Palo Santo gives stability and confidence, combined with the vibrant fragrance of ginger activate the connection with mother earth.

Holy Mother Maha Incense

These Maha incense sticks contain the energy of the sun, moon, and stars. In their masala heart they contain the subtlety of cane honey and the sweetness of flowers. These enchanting fragrances hold the most sacred powers.