Energy cleansing. It purifies the environment and cleanses negative energies.

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The natural Palo Santo or also called Bursera Graveolens is used by the shamans of the Andes and the Amazon jungle for their ceremonies and rituals, and in general as a natural incense for meditation, purification and spiritual remedy for harmonization. Its exquisite fragrance and properties create a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. Unlike natural incense, which is burned only once, palo santo wood can be lit many times (each stick can be lit more than 30 times because if left it goes out on its own). If you want it to keep burning, you'll have to keep it moving to purify the environment and prevent it from being extinguished.

Some people know palo santo as caraña, giving caraña the healing powers of palo santo.

Chopsticks cut from palo de santo, these have been cut by hand without the use of any kind of industrial machinery. Drying naturally in a process that takes 4 years.


Put the stick on the fire until it burns, let the palo santo burn with black smoke for a few seconds and then blow until only smoke. The scent will fill the nearby environment. It will stop burning shortly. If you want to keep smoking, it is recommended to have the palo santo moving.

Properties and what is Palo Santo used for?

  • Energy cleansing. It purifies the environment and cleanses negative energies.

  • Increase your positive vibe.

  • It is used to meditate and bring tranquility preparing for deeper meditation.

  • Palo Santo for love. It brings the couple together and harmonizes the relationship.

  • Clear up conflicting emotions.

  • Promotes creativity.

  • It detoxifies negative energies after an illness.

  • It invites and attracts healing energies.

  • Boosts the immune system.

  • Mosquito repellent.



Palo Santo Prayer and Ritual

Once you have your piece of Palo Santo wood, all you have to do is know how to burn Palo Santo.

To do this, light the piece of wood by one point, holding it by the other end to avoid burning yourself.

You can light the Palo Santo with a lighter, matches, or taking advantage of a fire lit at home such as a kitchen fire or a candle fire.

It is important to be patient when lighting the Palo Santo because it is a very hard wood and it takes a bit of work to burn.

Once it starts to burn, you must wait a few seconds for the fire to grip the wood well and blow on it to put out the fire but that there is an ember or ember burning, just like you do when you burn an incense stick.

Now that the Palo Santo is burning and smoking, you must pay attention so that the ember does not go out, and for this you must have the palo santo in motion.

You must take advantage of this movement to purify all the areas of the house or business and the people inside, moving the Palo Santo around those people to purify them by moving it to cleanse the aura.

That smoke from Palo Santo will cleanse and renew the energies of the place and the people and leave a good smell in the place.

When you have finished purifying, you can place the piece of PaloSanto in a container and in a few seconds it will go out by itself. Remember to make sure it has been turned off properly when you have abandoned it.

The container where you leave it must be fireproof in the sense that it cannot be damaged when you leave the palo santo lit to avoid damage, it is recommended that it be made of glass, ceramic or metal.

The container where you leave the Palo Santo should be the beginning and the end where you go through the place with the palo santo and if possible go through that place from left to right.

What days to clean with palo santo

If you want to know which days the palo santo is lit, you should keep in mind that you can burn it every day, but especially:

  • If when you get home you feel very tired and don't feel like doing anything, just be on the couch all the time.

  • When you haven't been able to sleep well for several nights or have nightmares several nights in a row.

  • If you hear any unexpected noise that you don't know where it comes from or you feel a shadow somewhere in the house.

  • If you have a bad streak and suddenly several calamities come together such as several devices breaking at the same time or very often, an unexpected charge arrives or a plan you were waiting for is canceled.

  • If there are a lot of people in the house or workplace and there is a lot of hustle and bustle.


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