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Super Collaforce from Dietmed is a dietary supplement that helps maintain the well-being of bones, skin and cartilage. In addition to having a delicious strawberry flavor, Super Collaforce is a supplement of collagen and hyaluronic acid , two essential components for joint health .

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Super Collaforce from Dietmed is a dietary supplement that helps maintain the well-being of bones, skin and cartilage. In addition to having a delicious strawberry flavor, Super Collaforce is a supplement of collagen and hyaluronic acid, two essential components for joint health.


What is Super Collaforce 10,000 used for?

Dietmed's Super Collaforce 10,000 is a supplement that provides numerous benefits for bone health: 

· Helps maintain bone well-being;

        • Helps protect cartilage and synovial fluid;

        · Reduces joint pain;

        • Reduces joint swelling and tenderness;

        • Helps strengthen bones and joints .


What are the benefits of Super Collaforce 10,000?


Super Collaforce 10000 by Dietmed includes hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and collagen in its composition.


Hyaluronic acid is present in great abundance in joints  , more specifically, in cartilage and synovial fluid, as well as in the skin and eyes.


Its function is to hold the synovial fluid, which acts as a lubricant, and to cover the cartilage, without allowing undesirable components to penetrate it. In addition, it is also very important to support cells and repair tissues . That's why it's so useful for maintaining hydration and healing wounds.


Vitamin C , also known as ascorbic acid, is present in all tissues of the body. This acts as an antioxidant , helping to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals that form in our body or that can originate in the environment.


Collagen is a protein and is present in our bodies in large quantities. It is responsible for most of the physical properties of our connective tissue: it is present in tendons , ligaments , bones, and cartilage.

It has the ability to connect cells to each other, providing flexibility to tissues and cartilage. This makes it one of the most important proteins for the proper functioning of the skin .


Features and benefits of Super Collaforce 10,000

It helps maintain the well-being of bones, skin and cartilage, general well-being, replenishment of skin elasticity, protection of cartilage and synovial fluid, reduction of pain, swelling and tenderness of the joints, strengthens bones and joints, reduces joint crepitus, contributes to healthier joints.



It is recommended to take 15 g per day. Preferably after breakfast, dissolved in water or fruit juice.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.



Per 15 g: Hydrolyzed Enzyme Collagen 10000 mg, Magnesium 187.5 mg (50% NRV*), Vitamin C 80 mg (100% NRV*), Hyaluronic Acid 10 mg, Vitamin D 5 μg (100% NRV*).

The information is for informational purposes only and cannot be considered as a substitute for medical prescription, diagnosis or treatment. The results of nutritional supplements may vary depending on the person, and the time to obtain the indicated benefits will depend on each case.

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